Partnerships Critical To Achieving SDGs

Devex: Opinion: How partnerships can propel the SDGs forward
Michelle Grogg, executive director of the Cargill Foundation

“Partnerships offer a pathway to success in both programs and policies, and they can take many forms. … Take for example our partnership with CARE International. … Partnering with CARE enables us to address critical social and sustainability issues in areas where we operate — the same communities where our employees live and where their children attend school. It directly connects our social responsibility and business interests. I believe this has been critical to its success. … Reflecting on the last decade of collaboration with CARE, three key themes arise in terms of what’s made it a success: 1. Impact … 2. Local voices … 3. Partner relationship … There’s power in partnerships. Now, it’s up to each of us to embrace it and work together — across sectors, geographies, and industries — to drive the SDGs forward. Because when we drive the SDGs forward, we make critical progress on our chief ambition: To help the world thrive” (9/12).