Partnerships, Coordinated Approach To Health Care Critical To NCD Control, Prevention

Forbes: A WHO-Led Effort Is Needed To Fight Diseases
Suresh Kumar, executive vice president of external affairs at Sanofi

“…[Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)] are growing more common, because too many countries — even rich ones like the United States — face difficulties expanding access to treatments or educating patients and health care providers about proper disease prevention and management techniques. To save tens of millions of lives, WHO officials must unite patients, health care organizations, and political leaders in a coordinated approach to health care. … [P]harmaceutical companies cannot beat back the rising prevalence of chronic diseases by themselves — nor can any non-profit or governmental organization. That’s why the World Health Organization should bring these groups together and forge new, deeper partnerships. By facilitating increased coordination, the WHO can ensure that patients and doctors have the education, training, and medicines they need to prevent diseases from occurring and manage them when they do” (6/1).