‘Partisan Baubles’ Within U.S. House-Passed Zika Funding Measure Could Mean Continued Delay In Response

Washington Post: It’s us against Zika — whose side is Congress on?
Editorial Board

“…More than four months after President Obama requested nearly $1.9 billion in emergency funding to deal with a public health emergency, the House voted for $1.1 billion but saddled it with unnecessary partisan baubles. This may further delay action against the mosquito-borne virus that can cause severe fetal birth defects. … There is probably insufficient support in the Republican-controlled Senate to pass the House version, which means back to the drawing board, more delay, and more of a chance that Zika will lead to birth defects in the United States. To both parties in Congress, we say: The tiny Zika organism doesn’t care one whit about your acrimony, your blame-throwing, your delays. All Zika knows is how to infect and cause human suffering when it can. Who is going to win this battle: the virus, or us?” (6/23).