Pandemic Could Impact U.S. Government’s Stabilization Assistance Review, Funding Of Medical Programs

Devex: Coronavirus could stall U.S. stabilization strategy in fragile states
“The COVID-19 pandemic could impact the U.S. government’s ability to implement the Stabilization Assistance Review, a State Department official said Tuesday. … Eythan Sontag, senior adviser at the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, said disruptions to U.S. mission activity because of the coronavirus may delay next steps on country-specific stabilization strategies that nearly a dozen embassies developed at the end of last year…” (Welsh, 5/6).

Roll Call: Going viral at the Pentagon
“…[I]n the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Pentagon’s role in waging this different kind of war could grow, experts say. To many lawmakers, the Defense Department is an attractive place to fund medical programs, partly because the defense budget is so large and enjoys support from both political parties, especially Republicans…” (Donnelly, 5/4).