Oxfam America Guide Debunks False Notions About U.S. Foreign Aid

In a post for “Mom Bloggers for Social Good,” Jennifer James, founder of the website and a member of Oxfam America’s Sisters on the Planet, discusses American notions on how much the U.S. spends on foreign aid each year. She notes, “In a survey conducted last year by the Kaiser Family Foundation with everyday, average Americans, only four percent knew that less than one percent of the federal budget is spent on federal aid. On average, survey respondents believed 28 percent of the budget is spent on foreign aid. … In an effort to educate more Americans about foreign assistance, Oxfam America recently launched its Foreign Aid 101 campaign. Utilizing an infographic-rich approach, Oxfam America attempts to show the history of foreign aid, where aid money goes, and why foreign aid does not go directly to corrupt governments…” (4/12).