Ownership Over Data Collection, Disaggregation Essential For Creating Disability-Inclusive Development Programs

Devex: Data disaggregation for disability-inclusive development
Pauline Thivillier, program delivery monitoring officer at Sightsavers

“The U.K. Department for International Development published Wednesday its first-ever Disability Framework, which reflects its ambitious vision to deliver disability-inclusive development. It signals the first step in DfID’s commitment to making its programs systematically inclusive of and accessible to people with disabilities. … To support this area of work, Sightsavers is running a pilot project to disaggregate data by disability. The aim is to help us better understand how development programs can include those most in need and are delivering demonstrable results. For this to be successful, it is critical that policymakers, health workers, and grassroots communities engage the process and take ownership…” (12/3).