Opinion Pieces Discuss New Farm Bill

The following is a summary of two opinion pieces addressing the Farm Bill, which President Obama signed into law last week.

Huffington Post: The Farm Bill and International Food Aid: What You Need to Know
Katie Lee, advocacy and policy coordinator for international development at InterAction

“…As we move forward, U.S. NGOs must work with Congress and the administration toward the implementation of these reforms and continue to fight for robust funding for these important programs. If we are to reach our collective goal of ending hunger in our lifetimes, we need to collectively ensure and maintain U.S. leadership in this global fight” (2/6).

The Hill: A mixed farm bill
James Patterson, agricultural economist and food policy analyst

“… [T]he farm bill is a mixed and somewhat muddled bag of polices for production, marketing and trade. We get better environmental stewardship but continued market interference by government in farming decisions and marginalization of small farmers in favor of corporate agribusiness” (2/7).