Opinion Pieces Discuss Efforts To End Ebola Epidemic, Build Health Systems In West Africa

Devex: The hidden weapon in the fight against Ebola
Nigel Chapman, chief executive officer of Plan International

“…[E]nlisting ‘secret societies’ and changing their attitudes is one of the key weapons to help put an end to this outbreak. … Winning the fight against Ebola is both a short-term and a long-term battle. The damage Ebola has done in these fragile societies is significant and it won’t be a quick fix. But by taking a holistic view and working with communities to firstly finish the battle and then to help rebuild, donors, governments, and other agencies can and must help these countries come back stronger” (3/5).

The Hill: Hope but no respite from Ebola
Jones Nhinson Williams, founder and president of the New Liberia Foundation

“…[Liberian President Ellen Johnson] Sirleaf rightly capitalized on this moment to galvanize hope among Liberians and reenergize Liberian-U.S. relations. We have the opportunity to build a health care system from the ground up and see the fruits of our labor reverberate in Liberia’s economy, the region, and the world. This could be an opportunity to start a fresh chapter in Liberia and to become a source of strength and order in the region. Instead of just putting out fires, we must dedicate ourselves to building an infrastructure that will give Liberia the 21st century tools it needs to protect its citizens and its neighbors…” (3/6).