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Opinion Pieces Discuss Continuing Ebola Efforts In West Africa, U.S. Aid To Region

Washington Post: The world is still far from the finish line on Ebola
Karen Attiah, Washington Post Opinions deputy digital editor

“…As the Ebola hysteria dies down, it is imperative to remember that the world is still in a race against time with the virus. Institutions such as USAID, WHO, and MSF should be held to account for their promises on the ground in West Africa. At the same time, highlighting the successful efforts of local Africans who are on the front lines is crucial. The advantage of African-led groups is that they were there before Ebola, and they will be there once the international community packs up to go home” (11/6).

Bloomberg View: Next Ebola Challenge: Spending the Money
Christopher Flavelle, editorial writer

“…Preventing the next outbreak of Ebola means building functioning health care systems in Liberia, as well as Guinea and Sierra Leone. That almost certainly means spending more money than foreign donors have been willing to turn over so far — and spending it on the types of primary care initiatives where disbursements have lagged appropriations by the greatest amount. So when the White House says that preventing the next outbreak of Ebola means getting more money from Congress, that’s only part of the problem. Just as hard is spending it — unless the U.S. and others are willing to significantly relax their standards for accountability and oversight” (11/6).