Opinion Pieces Discuss Acting On Lessons Learned From Ebola Epidemic

Devex: From catchphrase to action: Learning lessons on Ebola
Erin Hohlfelder, policy director for global health at the ONE Campaign

“…[I]f we’re looking for one clear place to start acting [on lessons learned from Ebola], we must begin by acknowledging — and then quickly remedying — a foundational challenge: the drastic health worker shortage and fragile health systems in the three most affected countries, especially in the remote areas where the outbreak first took hold. … Encouragingly, new analysis out [Monday] commissioned by the Frontline Health Workers Coalition shows that increasing the health workforce in the Ebola-affected countries is not just the right thing to do — it’s also affordable…” (3/2).

The Guardian: Fighting Ebola requires a culture change in the West, as well as West Africa
David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, and Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

“…It’s now time to apply these lessons [learned from the recent Ebola epidemic] to the challenges of 2015 and beyond. … First, trusted community leaders need to be front and center in all phases of public health action. … Second, in all the planning for new health facilities and equipment, governments and donors must not forget that health is above all a people business. … Third, the first test of community leadership and health systems, and the partnership between them, is infection prevention and control, which needs to take place in health facilities but also way beyond them, to include schools and workplaces…” (3/3).