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Opinion Pieces Address Issues Surrounding Malnutrition, Hunger

The following opinion pieces address issues surrounding global malnutrition and hunger.

Huffington Post: Think We Can’t End Global Malnutrition By 2030? Think Again
Lawrence Haddad, senior research fellow at IFPRI

“…Malnutrition — in the form of stunting, obesity, heart disease, and early death — affects at least two billion people worldwide. These numbers gave urgency to the writing of the Global Nutrition Report, to be released on Nov. 13, which aims to accelerate global malnutrition reduction by strengthening our collective ability to hold ourselves to account for commitments made and by identifying new commitments. The report was convened by over 30 countries and organizations and was delivered by a global independent expert group. In order to make rapid strides in reducing malnutrition, the report addresses the many misconceptions that interfere with progress…” (11/11).

New York Times: Don’t Ask How to Feed the 9 Billion
Mark Bittman, New York Times lead food columnist

“…The difference between you and the hungry is not production levels; it’s money. … The solution to malnourishment isn’t to produce more food. The solution is to eliminate poverty. … We don’t have to increase yield to address any of those issues; we just have to grow food more smartly than with the brute force of industrial methods, and we need to address the circumstances of the poor. Our slogan should not be ‘let’s feed the world,’ but ‘let’s end poverty'” (11/11).