Opinion Pieces Address Access To Reproductive Health Services

The following opinion pieces address access to reproductive health services for women worldwide.

Devex: Universal access to reproductive health care: A global obligation and opportunity
Kathy Calvin, president and chief executive officer of the United Nations Foundation

“…Ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights is a global opportunity, and most importantly, a global obligation. Achieving this goal will empower girls and women, improve global health, and create stronger societies — and it will advance human rights around the world” (9/22).

Huffington Post: Time Every Woman Is Allowed to Decide for Herself
Tewodros Melesse, director general of the International Planned Parenthood Federation

“…We are at a crucial moment. Between September 23rd and 25th, world leaders will be coming together at the United Nations to discuss what needs to be done over the next 15 years to end global poverty and inequality. We know that sexual and reproductive health and rights are key to individual wellbeing, and therefore, it is essential that they are at the heart of the U.N.’s discussions, and integral to the next set of global development targets to be achieved by 2030…” (9/22).