Opinion Piece Says White House Memo On Foreign Aid Review Would Weaken U.S. Security

Washington Post: The Trump administration prepares a new assault on U.S. soft power
Josh Rogin, Washington Post columnist

“…[T]he White House has prepared a draft National Security Presidential Memorandum, which I obtained, that would — if implemented — completely reshape U.S. foreign aid to become a tool of this administration’s agenda and an ineffective one at that. … Cutting aid to countries that don’t fully support U.S. policy is penny-wise, pound-foolish. Problems such as terrorism, global health, and climate change know no borders. Will the United States really cut Ebola assistance to African countries that do business with China? We fight Ebola over there so we won’t have to fight it here at home later on. … If [President Trump] were to actually sign and implement this proposal, he would only further undermine America’s influence and, by extension, weaken the security of both the United States and the world” (9/19).