Opinion Piece Offers 3 Ways To Improve Child Development In Nigeria

The Guardian: Nigeria’s child development crisis is a tragedy. Here’s how we can end it
Kevin Watkins, chief executive of Save the Children U.K.

“…Unfortunately, Nigeria is either treading water or sinking like a stone on all the key 2030 indicators for child development. … So what can be done to break the malaise? First, Nigeria urgently needs to convert economic wealth into human capital, starting with investment in children. … Second, a national emergency response is needed to get all children into quality schooling. … That won’t be possible without a third component for change — a concerted drive to combat the deep inequalities facing girls and women. It is surely time for Nigeria’s politicians, as well religious and traditional leaders, to push for an end to child marriage — a practice that violates human rights, destroys opportunity, and perpetuates poverty” (1/15).