Opinion Piece Discusses U.S. Opposition To Portions Of Draft U.N. Resolution On Sexual Violence In Conflict

The Conversation: U.S. obstructs U.N. resolution on rape. Why? A long history of religious nationalism
J.M. Opal, associate professor of history and chair of history and classical studies at McGill University

“A U.N. resolution to punish those who use rape as a weapon of war and to help those who survive such atrocities may not happen due to U.S. opposition. That’s right: the United States government is opposing a measure to combat systematic rape. The issue, apparently, is that the resolution mentions family planning clinics. … the worry is that a woman from a war zone might choose to terminate a pregnancy rather than have her rapist’s child. … In the case at hand, evangelicals push for a total ban on any U.S. support for abortion providers, anywhere in the world, and the administration obliges … And so a U.N. resolution that should be a no-brainer becomes a non-starter…” (4/28).