Opinion Piece Discusses Trump Administration Efforts to Form Coalition, Joint Statement Opposing SRHR Language, Policies In U.N. Documents

Rewire.News: The Trump Administration’s Willful Misinterpretation of U.N. Policy
Gillian Kane, senior policy adviser for Ipas

“In advance of this week’s United Nations General Assembly, the Trump administration circulated a letter to U.N. member states calling for a ‘coalition’ to oppose policies advancing reproductive rights and health. … The so-called harmful policies listed by [Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar] are, of course, nothing of the sort. Increasing access to sexual and reproductive health care — including abortion — and informing youth and adolescents how to best manage their sexual well-being does not negatively impact the family, national independence, or religious freedom. If adequately funded and backed by political will, these policies improve women and adolescents’ access to quality health care, reduce unwanted pregnancies, reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, and support people in making informed personal decisions about their health and sexuality. … [Monday,] in a pointed rebuke to the Trump administration’s call to action, 58 member states came together to issue a strongly worded defense of sexual and reproductive health and rights. This bodes well, and advocates hope that the [U.N. General Assembly] meeting this week will end with a political declaration that incorporates sexual and reproductive health and rights, including abortion, as an integral part of universal health coverage” (9/24).