Christian Principles Support Case For Foreign Aid

Washington Post: The Christian, conservative case for foreign aid
Richard Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., and Sean Callahan, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services

“…[The U.S. government] plays a critical role in fulfilling the moral responsibility of all Americans to help those less fortunate. … Yet now, President Trump’s proposed budget threatens to severely cut that foreign aid. … At less than one percent of the federal budget … foreign assistance promotes our values, our own prosperity, and our nation’s security, all while providing a lifeline to the most vulnerable in the world … In an increasingly unstable world, this small but vital account is the ounce of prevention that is worth a pound of cure. … By drastically cutting foreign assistance, we risk the extraordinary gains we have made against hunger, disease, and extreme poverty. It is penny-wise and pound-foolish to forfeit funding that does so much good in the world” (3/21).