Opinion Piece Examines Challenges Of DRC Ebola Outbreak, U.S. Response

Washington Post: The Ebola epidemic is in full swing. Where is the Trump administration?
Ronald A. Klain, White House Ebola response coordinator from 2014 to 2015

“It was five years ago this month, with the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in full swing and panic swelling in the United States, that President Barack Obama named me the first U.S. ‘Ebola czar.’ In five months, we largely extinguished that epidemic, won bipartisan congressional approval of massive investments in fighting epidemics at home and abroad, and launched clinical trials of the first vaccine for Ebola. Why was progress possible then, but lacking now? The answer lies in a tragic combination of new threats emerging and U.S. leadership receding. … It would be a mistake to view Congo as a fluke scenario; instead, it is probably the new normal. It is a warning that fighting future epidemics is going to be as much about security concerns, building confidence in communities and working diplomatic channels to enable disease fighters as it is about medical know-how. … And there’s another problem: a lack of U.S. leadership…” (10/1).