Germany Can Do More As ‘Role Model’ In Global Health Arena

Global Health NOW: Is Germany Really a New Leader in Global Health?
Mathias Bonk, medical doctor and co-founder and chair of the Berlin Institute of Global Health (IGGB)
“…In many ways, Germany has both the ability and responsibility to build diplomatic and scientific bridges to strengthen transnational and multidisciplinary efforts in the field of global health. … Is Germany truly a new leader in global health? Many would say so, but I am convinced that Germany could still do much more for global health. … I personally feel that Germany, with its difficult history and its current international image, should not really be aiming at a top leadership role. … With its growing economic power and increasing political influence, outside expectations are rising, but so is the skepticism. Overall Germany seems to be heading in the right direction as a team player and a role model in the global health arena…” (9/10).