On World Malaria Day, WHO Emphasizes Continued, Varied Efforts To Prevent, Treat Disease

Deutsche Welle: World Malaria Day: WHO on the fight against malaria
“The World Health Organization (WHO) has set some ambitious goals to be reached by 2020 — including the reduction of malaria deaths by 40 percent and the elimination of the disease in at least 10 more countries. Dr. Pedro Alonso, director of the WHO’s Global Malaria Program, tells DW how far the world has come in the fight against malaria, and why we should not get complacent…” (4/25).

U.N. News Centre: Ahead of World Malaria Day, U.N. says ‘let’s close the gap’ in prevention coverage
“On the eve of World Malaria Day, the United Nations health agency called [Monday] for accelerating scaled-up efforts to prevent malaria, which remains a major public health threat, killing one child every two minutes worldwide in 2015. The U.N. World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest report, Malaria prevention works: Let’s close the gap, spotlights critical gaps in prevention coverage, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa…” (4/24).