On World Health Day, WHO’s Chan Calls For ‘Rethink’ Of Eating, Exercise Habits In Light Of Increase In Global Diabetes

U.N. News Centre: ‘We need to rethink our daily lives,’ warns U.N. health chief, urging action to halt rising tide of diabetes
“…To mark World Health Day (7 April), which celebrates WHO’s founding in 1948, the agency is issuing a call for action on diabetes. In its first-ever Global report on diabetes, WHO highlights the need to step up prevention and treatment of the disease. … ‘If we are to make any headway in halting the rise in diabetes, we need to rethink our daily lives: to eat healthily, be physically active, and avoid excessive weight gain,’ says Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO director general…” (4/6).

Washington Post: Diabetes was once a problem of the rich. Now it belongs to the poor.
“As the global diabetes rate soared over the past quarter-century, the affected population transformed: What was once predominantly a rich-country problem has become one that disproportionately affects poorer countries. That’s one of the many conclusions of the World Health Organization’s first global report on the chronic disease…” (Choksi, 4/7).