On World Day, UNICEF, Rotary Urge Continued International Efforts To Eradicate Polio

U.N. News Centre: On World Polio Day, UNICEF cites ‘dramatic’ progress against virus, urges efforts towards zero cases
“Never before in the history of polio have so few children in so few countries contracted the crippling virus, but a senior United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official has vowed ‘we cannot rest until the number of cases is zero.’ ‘Progress to end polio is real and dramatic, with now just two countries in the world where the wild poliovirus has never been interrupted: Afghanistan and Pakistan,’ said by the head of the Polio Unit at UNICEF, Peter Crowley, in a press release…” (10/24).

VOA News: World Closes In on Eradicating Polio
“…[A]s World Polio Day is observed Saturday, those who are trying to rid Earth of the virus say it’s time to step up vaccination campaigns. If this happens, said Rotary’s Carol Pandak, director of the PolioPlus program, we could have a polio-free world by 2019…” (Pearson, 10/23).