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On USAID’s 55th Anniversary, Agency Continues To Exhibit Leadership In Global Development

Medium: Our greatest quest yet: 5 reasons we’re hopeful for the future on USAID’s 55th anniversary
Gayle Smith, administrator of USAID

“…In the 55 years that followed [the establishment of USAID, the agency] has represented core American values like equality, freedom, optimism, and progress all across the globe, and worked to realize a world where every man, woman, and child can live with dignity and reach their full potential. … Innovations in science, medicine, and technology over the past half-century have made it possible to live longer and better. USAID and our global partners have helped expand the reach of such tools, ensuring they can benefit even the most vulnerable people. And we have been at the forefront of global progress in health, food security, energy, water, education, and more. That’s why today, on USAID’s 55th anniversary, I’m more hopeful than ever for the future, despite the long list of challenges we face…” (11/4).