Obama Defends Ebola Coordinator Klain, Uses Ebola As Model For National Security, Humanitarian Aid Agendas

The Hill: Obama praises Ebola czar despite ‘background noise’
“President Obama on Thursday took a stab at the administration’s critics as he praised his embattled Ebola czar Ron Klain for taking on ‘a challenge that many called insurmountable’…” (Ferris, 2/12).

Washington Post: Obama uses war on Ebola to illustrate fight against non-conventional threats
“…Wednesday’s [Ebola] event provided fresh evidence of how the White House has elevated non-conventional threats — including pandemics and climate change — to the top of its national security agenda, while de-emphasizing more traditional threats. In an interview the Web site Vox posted this week, Obama said the media ‘absolutely’ overstates the threat of terrorism compared to long-term problems such as global warming and disease[s] that cross national borders…” (Eilperin/Mufson, 2/12).