Obama Administration Announces Plan To Address Antibiotic Drug Resistance

The Hill: Obama unveils $1.2B plan to tackle drug-resistant bacteria
“President Obama on Friday announced a long-awaited national plan to combat the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which he called one of the world’s ‘most pressing’ public health crises. It is the first White House plan to specifically address antibiotic resistance, which causes 2 million illnesses a year in the United States and 23,000 deaths…” (Ferris, 3/27).

New York Times: Obama Seeks to Double Funding to Fight Antibiotic Resistance
“…The plan calls for improved surveillance of outbreaks, better diagnostic tests, and new research on alternative drugs. It also urges government agencies to bolster systems to track the consumption of antibiotics and to reduce inappropriate use in people and animals…” (Tavernese/Shear, 3/27).