Number Of Suspected Yellow Fever Cases Rises In DRC; Health Officials Prepare For Vaccine Campaign Along Angolan Border

Global Health NOW: DRC’s Scant Defenses Against Yellow Fever
“Last week, a few doctors from WHO drove for two days on rugged roads to reach this dusty town close to the Angolan border. They came to discuss yellow fever, a hemorrhagic disease spread by mosquitoes, which makes most people feel like they have the flu. However, 15 percent of people infected will develop jaundice, and perhaps half of those die in about a week. Their concern: Spillover to DRC from Angola’s ongoing yellow fever epidemic…” (Maxmen, 7/14).

Reuters: Suspected Congo yellow fever cases up 38 percent in last three weeks: WHO
“The number of suspected yellow fever cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo has jumped 38 percent in the last three weeks, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday, as health officials prepare to launch a vaccination campaign next week…” (Ross, 7/15).