Number Of People Diagnosed With HIV Expected To Reach 1M In Russia By 2016, Federal AIDS Center Says

Associated Press: Russia HIV infection bucks trends as World AIDS Day marked
“…While the rate of HIV infection is on a global decline as World AIDS Day is marked Tuesday, the number of new infections in Russia continues to rise. By 2016, the country’s Federal AIDS Center estimates the total number of those diagnosed with HIV will reach one million. The majority of new infections occur among injecting drug users when dirty needles are shared…” (Jacobsen, 12/1).

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting: Spread of HIV in Modern Russia
“…Despite a promised funding increase for HIV-related programs in 2006, 2008, and again in 2014, the Russian government fell short of making of HIV prevention and treatment a priority. On top of that, by focusing on the criminalization of drug use and the brutal stigmatization of key populations at risk, Russian government policies are contributing directly to the deadly epidemic. Any bid to end AIDS is undermined by punitive policies and corrupt law enforcement, rather than the introduction of comprehensive harm reduction programs…” (FitzGerald/Kucheryavenko, 12/1).