Number Of Cholera-Related Deaths Nears 1K In Yemen; Oxfam Estimates 300K Cases By Year’s End

Al Jazeera: Yemen cholera crisis: Disease kills ‘one person per hour’
“A cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen is a threat to millions living in desperate conditions. More than 100,000 people have fallen ill in the past month. Two years of war are already putting a huge strain on hospitals, and thousands of cholera victims cannot get treatment. The international charity group Oxfam says the disease is killing one person an hour…” (Smith, 6/13).

IRIN: Cholera can kill quickly. In Yemen, it’s taking one life an hour
“…According to the latest (and always growing) numbers, 923 people have died of cholera in Yemen since the end of April, 532 in May alone. For comparison, the U.N. recorded violent deaths of 98 civilians in May. … The U.N. counts more than 124,000 suspected cholera cases in the country. UNICEF and the World Health Organization estimate this figure will more than double by the end of the year, while Oxfam Country Director Sajjad Mohammed Sajid told IRIN he fears the additional number of cases could be closer to 300,000 by then…” (Slemrod, 6/12).