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NTD Community Slow To Engage In Evidence-Informed Policy

“We are concerned that the neglected tropical disease (NTD) academic community has been slow to engage in evidence-informed policy and debate, and may be falling behind international best practice,” Sukrti Nagpal of the Royal Surrey County Hospital in the United Kingdom, and David Sinclair and Paul Garner of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, write in a PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases opinion piece. “This is borne out of a concern that NTDs are important diseases that need treatments, but that international policies need to stay in line with current international expectations of evidence-informed policy to avoid being discredited,” they continue, adding, “To look for evidence to confirm or refute these concerns, we used appropriate systematic methods, and present our interpretation of these data as a viewpoint at the request of PLOS NTDs editors” (7/11).