NPR Examines White House, Senate Proposals To Revamp U.S. Foreign Aid, Highlights Reactions From Former, Current State Department, Aid Group Officials

NPR: U.S. Mulls Controversial Foreign Aid Shake-up
“Efforts are underway in Washington to revamp U.S. foreign aid in the wake of the coronavirus. Proposals from both the White House and the Senate would shift billions of dollars in foreign assistance, consolidate control over U.S. humanitarian aid in the State Department and — according to one former top aid official — undermine the lifesaving work of USAID. … Andrew Natsios, who led USAID from 2001 to 2006 under George W. Bush, … says the current separation of USAID from the State Department insulates development programs from the political whims of the White House. He says President Trump in particular tries to use assistance to punish foreign leaders who cross him…” (Beaubien, 6/17).