NIH To Test Effectiveness Of Experimental Male Contraceptive Topical Gel

ABC News: This male birth control comes as a topical gel and will be tested in a clinical trial
“The National Institutes of Health recently funded a study to see if a topical gel for men could prevent pregnancy, potentially giving couples who don’t want children a new contraceptive option…” (Strauss, 11/28).

Bloomberg: A Male Birth Control Gel Is Getting Closer to Reality
“…The study is being conducted by the National Institutes of Health and will involve 420 couples. The experimental treatment is a gel, applied to the back and shoulders, that combines two types of hormones to halt the production of sperm while maintaining the energy and libido benefits of testosterone…” (Cortez, 11/28).

NBC News: Birth control for men: researchers test a male contraceptive gel
“…The gel formulation, called NES/T, includes a progestin-containing compound called segesterone acetate, which is made under the brand name Nestorone, along with a dose of testosterone…” (Fox, 11/28).