NIH Publishes Largest Genomic Study Of Type 2 Diabetes In Sub-Saharan African Populations; Findings Demonstrate Importance Of Studying All Populations

National Institutes of Health: NIH publishes the largest genomic study on type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan African populations
“National Institute of Health researchers have reported the largest genomic study of type 2 diabetes (T2D) in sub-Saharan Africans, with data from more than 5,000 individuals from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Researchers confirmed known genomic variants and identified a novel gene ZRANB3, which may influence susceptibility to the disease in sub-Saharan African populations. The gene could also influence the development of T2D in other populations and inform further research. … The findings replicate results for many of the variants which other research studies have already implicated in T2D in mostly European ancestry populations. … ‘The findings of this study further demonstrate why it is important to study all human populations. By doing so, we have the opportunity to make novel discoveries that will not only help the specific population but also people all around the globe,’ said Dr. Charles Rotimi, senior author of the paper…” (7/19).