NIH Highlights R&D On Lassa Fever Vaccine, Genomic Analysis

NIH: Scientists develop novel vaccine for Lassa fever and rabies
“A novel vaccine designed to protect people from both Lassa fever and rabies showed promise in preclinical testing, according to new research published in Nature Communications. … There are currently no approved Lassa fever vaccines…” (10/11).

NIH: Genomic analysis offers insight into 2018 Nigeria Lassa fever outbreak
“A surge in Lassa fever cases in Nigeria in 2018 does not appear to be linked to a single virus strain or increased human-to-human transmission, according to a genomic analysis published in the New England Journal of Medicine. … The research serves as a model for investigating infectious disease emergencies by combining genomic information with traditional epidemiological data to inform response strategies, the authors note” (10/18).