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NIH Director Discusses Research In STAT Interview; ‘Gene Drive’ Research To Help Prevent Diseases Can Proceed With Caution, U.N. Group Says

STAT: NIH director says there’s work to do on regulating genome editing globally
“The apparent birth this month of the first genetically modified babies is ‘a lesson in the potential for human hubris to overtake us,’ Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, told STAT Thursday, but he said there is little U.S. officials can do to influence how China sanctions the rogue scientist who claims to have led the ethically dubious scientific breakthrough…” (Facher, 11/29).

Washington Post: ‘Gene drive’ research to fight diseases can proceed cautiously, U.N. group decides
“Scientists hoping to fight diseases with genetically engineered organisms that spread their genes in the wild will be able to proceed cautiously under an agreement reached this week. That was the compromise outcome of a protracted debate, conducted in Egypt at a major U.N. conference on biodiversity, over a technology known as ‘gene drives’…” (Achenbach, 11/30).