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NIH Announces Large Study To Follow Pregnant Women In Zika-Affected Countries

Associated Press/PBS NewsHour: NIH launches massive study of pregnant women in Zika-hit regions
“Researchers are beginning a study of up to 10,000 pregnant women in Puerto Rico, Brazil, and other Zika-hit parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, to better understand the virus’ threat. The U.S. National Institutes of Health announced the study Tuesday, saying researchers will enroll participants starting in the first trimester and compare the birth outcomes of those who become infected with Zika and those who don’t…” (6/21).

Science Speaks: Zika pregnancy and infant study to seek information on scope of risks from virus, strategies to meet impacts
“…The Zika in Infants and Pregnancy — ZIP — study is planned to include sites in Brazil and Colombia as well as other countries and territories experiencing active transmission, that have not been confirmed, and will recruit women through prenatal clinics as well as through other community based facilities…” (Barton, 6/21).