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Succeeding WHO Director General Will Face Several Challenges, Have Large ‘Task Ahead Of Them’

The Conversation: Whoever Fills The Role, The New WHO Director-General Has A Rocky Road Ahead
Sonia Allan, consultant on health law and governance, associate professor at Deakin University, and associate at Monash University

“…All three candidates [for WHO director general] have promised similar things, including leadership, improving WHO capabilities, transparency, coordination, and funding. The new director general will also need to resolve the issues of divisions between regional and country systems, bureaucracy, and budget. He or she will need to focus on achieving sound goals within an environment of competing priorities and, at times, the highly politicized views of member states, industry, and advocacy groups. The role will require technical ability, administrative leadership, diplomacy, integrity, and prowess. All three are highly accomplished global health leaders, which bodes well for the future direction of the WHO. The task ahead of them, however, is a large one” (5/3).