Next WHO Director General Must ‘Take Global Health To A Higher Level’

The Lancet: The future leadership of WHO
Sally C. Davies, chief medical officer for England, and colleagues

“…It is essential that [WHO] Member States come together in 2017 to elect a director general who is able to lead a diverse, global, and unified organization which spends billions of dollars annually. … [T]his world has become more complex, and what made WHO succeed in the past might not in the future. Openness on partnerships and collaboration is essential, and diversity must be embraced and managed, not contained. For a leader to bring about coherence and unity in this environment will be challenging, but also vital. We hope that others will join us in reflecting on, and refining, these criteria so that when it comes to the election we appoint a superb candidate who will build on the legacy of reform of the present WHO director general and take global health to a higher level” (1/23).