Next CDC Director Should Base Decisions On Science, Lead Agency Effectively, Advocate For Sufficient Funding To Protect Americans

The Hill: Dr. Tom Frieden: People working in public health are stewards of the public’s trust
Tom Frieden, president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives

“…This is a precarious time. Our nation’s leading and most critical disease fighting force — the CDC — is facing budget cliffs and cuts that would make Americans less safe by devastating initiatives that protect Americans from diseases, disasters, and epidemics. … The greatest threat to CDC — and therefore a significant threat to the health of all Americans — is that CDC will not receive the funding it needs to protect the United States. … The next CDC director must be an effective advocate for the resources necessary to fulfill its mission of protecting America from health, safety, and security threats that arise at home and around the world. Given the potential for deep cuts to the CDC budget, it is imperative that the agency’s new head convinces all branches of government to continue urgently needed funding to protect Americans. … I urge Secretary Azar to quickly appoint a leader who will fulfill CDC’s mission by basing decisions on science [and] leading the agency effectively, and protect CDC so CDC can protect all of us” (2/1).