Media Sources Examine Top Health, Development Stories Of 2016, Look Ahead To 2017

Devex: A year in review: Global development in 2016
“In development policy circles 2016 was branded a ‘year of action.’ With big global agreements in place, this was a year for implementation, for attention to the nuts and bolts of getting things done. There has been plenty of action — some of it the result of that deliberate effort to deliver development results, and some of it thrust upon the global development community by big, uncontrollable forces…” (12/23).

The Guardian: Zika, drought, conflict: what 2016 meant for the world’s poorest — podcast
“The global development team looks back at some of the issues that affected millions of people in developing countries in the past year, and considers the challenges for 2017…” (Lamble et al., 12/21).

IRIN: 10 humanitarian stories to look out for in 2017
“While 2016 taught us to expect the unexpected, IRIN’s eyes and ears on the ground have given us an idea of what to look out for in the new year. We can’t promise everyone else will be covering these stories, but here are 10 we’ll be watching…” (1/2).

NPR: Wins And Losses In Global Health In 2016
“‘This year there’s been one big home run and a lot of scratch singles.’ That’s how Red Sox fan and editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Drazen, sums up the year-that-was in public health…” (Beaubien, 12/23).