News Outlets Report On Various Aspects Of Ebola Containment Efforts

News outlets report on various aspects of the Ebola epidemic and international efforts to contain the virus and treat infected patients.

New York Times: Experimental Ebola Drug Puts Its Maker, Chimerix, Back in the Spotlight (Pollack, 10/7).
NPR: Why One Public Health Expert Thinks Airport Ebola Screening Won’t Work (Kelto, 10/8).
VOA News: Experts Worry Ebola Panic May Overshadow Other Health Threats (Powell, 10/7).
WBUR’s “On Point”: What America Must Do To Stop Ebola, Now (Ashbrook, 10/8).
Wall Street Journal: Health Care Workers Face Ebola Risks (Hinshaw/Wang, 10/7).
Yahoo News: Ebola outbreak: What the fight against the virus can learn from polio (Gavaghan, 10/7).