News Outlets Report On U.N. Summit To Formally Adopt Sustainable Development Goals

The Guardian: Global goals summit: dignitaries convene for a day to define the world
“On Friday, three years after the idea was first mooted at a summit in Rio, 193 countries are expected to ratify a new set of ambitious global goals that aim to end extreme poverty and hunger, address the impact of climate change, and reduce inequality by 2030…” (Ford, 9/25).

The Guardian: A new era, a new plan: can the UN’s sustainable development goals succeed?
“…Though the finer details of the SDGs have yet to hammered out, the mere fact of their advent raises an inevitable question: will they succeed where their predecessors failed?…” (Jones, 9/24).

NPR: U.N. Dreams Big: 17 Huge New Goals To Build A Better World
“…Critics and supporters alike are declaring [the SDGs] to be highly ambitious — maybe even too ambitious. The SDGs, as they’ve come to be called in humanitarian lingo, replace the Millennium Development Goals, which were adopted in 2000 and expire this year. The MDGs dealt primarily with poverty, education, and health in the poorest countries. The SDGs hit all of those topics but also tackle global inequality, environmental issues, and access to technology…” (Beaubien, 9/25).

U.N. News Centre: Meeting with developing country leaders, Ban stresses universal nature of new sustainability agenda
“On the eve of a United Nations summit convened to give impetus to an ambitious new agenda to eradicate poverty and set the world on the path of sustainable development, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [Thursday] called on both developed and developing nations to play their part…” (9/24).

U.N. News Centre: All eyes on U.N. as world body prepares to adopt new Sustainable Development Goals
“…In a series of interviews with the U.N. News Centre, the [U.N.’s top development] officials forecast 2015 as ‘a watershed year’ for the United Nations for having reached an agreement that will ‘change the paradigm about development,’ while ‘leaving no one behind’ and giving a boost for a global climate change accord later this year…” (9/24).