News Outlets Report On Global Efforts To Mitigate COVID-19 Impacts

AP: ‘Virus at Iran’s gates’: How Tehran failed to stop outbreak (Gambrill, 3/17).

AP: Pakistan PM warns new virus may devastate developing nations (Gannon, 3/17).

The Atlantic: The U.K.’s Coronavirus ‘Herd Immunity’ Debacle (Yong, 3/16).

CIDRAP News: U.S. takes more big pandemic response steps; Europe COVID-19 cases soar (Schnirring, 3/15).

CIDRAP News: France orders lockdown to slow COVID-19 spread (Schnirring, 3/16).

Devex: To stop COVID-19 spread, Colombia halves Venezuela response services (Welsh, 3/17).

Devex: COVID-19 disruptions on health supply chains a challenge for aid orgs (Ravelo, 3/17).

The Hill: Canada closing border to most non-residents, exempts U.S. citizens (Coleman, 3/16).

Reuters: WHO to start coronavirus testing in rebel Syria; Iran raises efforts, official says (Farge, 3/16).

Reuters: China urges U.S. to lift sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus response (Venkat, 3/16).

Reuters: World Bank offers $60 mln to Kenya to fight coronavirus outbreak (Mohammed, 3/16).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: In slums and windowless apartments, Asia’s poor bear brunt of coronavirus (Chandran, 3/17).

U.N. News: China shows COVID-19 Coronavirus can be ‘stopped in its tracks’ (3/16).

Wall Street Journal: Africa, Latin America Brace as Coronavirus Threatens Weaker Health Systems (Dube et al., 3/16).

Washington Post: The Middle East is already wracked by war. Now it must confront the coronavirus, too (Sly, 3/17).

Washington Post: In an Italian city, obituaries fill the newspaper, but survivors mourn alone (Harlan/Pitrelli, 3/16).