News Outlets Report On Ebola In Liberia, Guinea, Epidemic Recovery In West Africa

Foreign Policy: How Liberia’s Latest Ebola Case Slipped Through the Cracks
“…[Fifteen-year-old Nathan] Gbotoe’s case, which was announced on Nov. 20, put an end to Liberia’s official ‘Ebola free’ designation for a second time this year … While the source of Gbotoe’s infection is currently being investigated, the mismanagement of his case at the nation’s largest public hospital raises questions about Liberia’s preparedness to handle future outbreaks. What went wrong? Seemingly a lot…” (MacDougall, 11/26).

Reuters: Guinea’s last Ebola case, a baby girl, leaves hospital
“A one-month-old baby girl who was Guinea’s last reported Ebola case left hospital on Saturday, delighting medical staff and putting the country on course to be declared free of the deadly virus. Guinea will become officially Ebola-free after 42 days if no new cases are reported following the recovery of baby Nubia — thought to be the first baby to survive after being born to an infected mother…” (Farge, 11/28).

U.N. News Centre: West Africa cannot recover from Ebola epidemic on its own — senior U.N. health official
“… ‘The response to Ebola — the national leadership, community engagement, so many people working so hard for such a long period of time with such dedication — if that can be translated into efforts beyond Ebola, then actually all three countries have a bright future ahead of them,’ Peter Graaff, the U.N. regional inter-agency coordinator on Ebola, told the U.N. News Centre. ‘But they cannot do it alone,’ Mr. Graaff said of efforts to end transmission of the virus that has killed more than 11,000 people in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone…” (11/27).