News Outlets Report On Anti-Gay Laws, Actions In Several African Nations

News outlets report on several issues surrounding anti-gay laws in African nations.

Associated Press: Quiet diplomacy faulted for Africa’s anti-gay laws
“…The anti-gay bills are overwhelmingly supported by the general public in both Uganda and Nigeria, providing opportunities to win political points for two presidents eyeing re-election. But international gay rights activists also blame donor countries, including the United States, which favor behind-the-scenes diplomacy intended to avoid a backlash that might come from more forceful engagement…” (Corey-Boulet/Muhumuza, 2/20).

Agence France-Presse: S. Africa frees Uganda gay activist from detention
“South African authorities on Thursday released a gay Ugandan activist after four days in custody, following an outcry from rights groups that he would be targeted if deported home…” (2/20).

Science Speaks: Anti-gay laws, rhetoric, impact, response: Good news, bad news and no news
The Center for Global Health Policy’s blog summarizes anti-gay news from Uganda, Gambia, and Nigeria (Barton, 2/20).