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News Outlets Profile Individuals Working To Contain Ebola Outbreak

News outlets report on individuals working in West Africa to help contain Ebola.

New York Times: Back to the Slums of His Youth, to Defuse the Ebola Time Bomb
“…[Dr. Mosoka] Fallah, an epidemiologist and immunologist who grew up in Monrovia’s poorest neighborhoods before studying at Harvard, has been crisscrossing the capital … Neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block, shack by shack, he is battling the disease across this crowded capital, seeking the cooperation of residents who are deeply distrustful of the government and its faltering response to the deadliest Ebola epidemic ever recorded…” (Onishi, 9/13).

Washington Post: A virus hunter faces the big one: Ebola
“Joseph Fair hunts viruses. That’s his thing. The 37-year-old American loves chasing dangerous pathogens, studying them in secure labs or searching for them in jungles where the microbes lurk. … Now, Fair is back in West Africa, in the middle of the worst Ebola outbreak in history…” (Frankel, 9/14).