News Outlets Make Predictions About Big Global Health Issues In 2018, From Polio Eradication Efforts To USAID, WHO Operations

Devex: USAID’s business forecast provides insights for the year ahead
“…A total of 205 business opportunities with USAID are forecasted for the year ahead. The business opportunities range in value from $150,000 to $2.5 billion and provide opportunities for businesses to partner with USAID in delivering solutions for job development, HIV response, and support for the 2018 Mali elections, among others…” (Cornish, 12/19).

NPR: From Polio To Poverty To Sex Ed: 9 Predictions For 2018
“…Wild polio will be finished by June, but cases caused by vaccine won’t … Health workers will be in even shorter supply … More people will be guaranteed a ‘universal basic income’ … The poor could get poorer … Sex ed will be harder … Beware of drones and robots … More aid workers will share their #MeToo stories … Aid groups will figure out how to get along without big cash from the U.S. … The world will not become a safer place …” (Doucleff et al., 1/3).

STAT: 3 issues to watch in global health in 2018
“…What stories will we tell about 2018? The crystal ball is cloudy, but the haze parted long enough for STAT to discern a few things. Here are three predictions. Polio will face a full-court press … [WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus] and the agency he leads have some challenging times ahead. … Get ready for a lot of talk about how vulnerable the world is to massive disruption because of disease outbreaks…” (Branswell, 1/3).