News Outlets Examine USG, Trump Administration’s Response To COVID-19 Outbreak

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Trump’s Atlanta visit puts CDC in spotlight (Hart, 3/5).

The Hill: Trump disputes WHO’s 3.4 percent global death rate for coronavirus (Chalfant, 3/5).

Newsweek: Head of the World Health Organization praises Donald Trump for tapping Pence to lead coronavirus response (Fink, 3/5).

New York Times: Top Coronavirus Official for U.S. Has Fought an Epidemic Before (Stolberg, 3/6).

NPR: Public Trust In Health Authorities Is Key To Fighting Coronavirus — Is It At Risk? (Simmons-Duffin, 3/5).

NPR: Trump’s Gut Collides With Science On Coronavirus Messaging (Keith/Romo, 3/5).

POLITICO: White House sidelines Azar from coronavirus response (Diamond et al., 3/5).

POLITICO: Trump’s coronavirus musings put scientists on edge (Kenen, 3/5).

Roll Call: Members left Trump administration coronavirus briefing frustrated (Siddons et al., 3/5).

TIME: ‘Doomed from the Start.’ Experts Say the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response Was Never Going to Work (Bergengruen/Hennigan, 3/5).

USA TODAY: Coronavirus death rate is 3.4%, World Health Organization says, Trump says ‘hunch’ tells him that’s wrong (Jackson, 3/5).

Washington Post: The Trump administration’s greatest obstacle to sending a clear message on coronavirus may be Trump himself (Olorunnipa et al., 3/5).