News Outlets Examine How Sierra Leoneans Coping With Emotions, Loss Of Crops In Aftermath Of Ebola Outbreak

Al Jazeera America: As Sierra Leone quarantines lift, locals take stock of losses
“…More than a year after West Africa’s Ebola outbreak began, leaving more than 11,000 people dead, the vast swaths of Sierra Leone that were quarantined are still struggling to return to the normal. Some areas were quarantined for months at time…” (Devries, 9/13).

Christian Science Monitor: In aftermath of Ebola, Sierra Leone finds forgiveness is a powerful resource
“…Sierra Leone, one of the world’s poorest countries, was startlingly unprepared for the Ebola outbreak that tore through the country last year. … But the country is rich in a resource that may best promote recovery from an epidemic that killed nearly 4,000 people and turned whole communities against one another: forgiveness…” (Brown, 9/13).