News Outlets Examine Global Resurgence Of Measles

International Business Times: Measles Outbreaks Outside U.S.: Lack Of Vaccine Access Fuels Epidemics From Africa To Asia
“…From the Democratic Republic of the Congo to China, developing and war-torn nations have seen measles cases in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands. In both these countries and industrialized ones, lower immunization rates are helping the virus spread, health experts say. The irony is that in developing countries without stable health care systems, people are often unable to access vaccinations, much less decide they don’t want to use them, which is increasingly the case in some developed countries. Either way, experts say, the world is seeing the resurgence of a virus that science long ago proved how to prevent…” (Whitman, 2/25).

Washington Post: In 2013, measles killed more kids than car accidents or AIDS
“Measles killed 82,100 children under age five in 2013, ranking the disease at No. 7 on the list of the top causes of child death, according to recent statistics from the Global Burden of Disease study published in the Lancet…” (Ingraham, 2/25).