News Outlets Examine Ebola’s Impact In West Africa; Sierra Leone Expected To Be Declared Ebola-Free

CIDRAP News: Analysis suggests Liberia Ebola cases higher than thought
“Ebola cases in one of Liberia’s hot spots last summer were likely triple that reported by official sources, according to an international group of researchers, part of ongoing analyses on the outbreak that also revealed new findings on disease severity and nosocomial transmission…” (Schnirring, 11/2).

The Guardian: Sierra Leone set for Ebola all clear as it approaches 42 days without a fresh case
“Sierra Leone is expected to be declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation on Saturday, when it will have gone 42 days without any fresh case of the virus…” (O’Carroll, 11/3).

Vaccine News Daily: Ebola clinics take on new roles in West Africa
“The role of Ebola treatment clinics in West Africa has a radical shift now that the crisis has passed many of the areas where it was prevalent…” (11/2).